Keep Your Cool in New Orleans This Summer

The fabled city of New Orleans has a thriving culture which is completely unique to anywhere else in the USA. It is famous for delicious down-home southern cooking, spicy Creole flavors, Spanish and French influences, a groovy jazz scene, friendly hospitality and of...

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How to Travel Cheaply in Your Retirement Years

If you are nearing retirement age there are many things to look forward to in your future, such as the chance to take time for yourself, pursue your hobbies and of course travel the world. This is the chance to see some of the places you have always wanted to see,...

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Strange and Quirky Facts about Mexico

Are you heading south of the border for your next holiday? Mexico is a unique and fascinating country, with a diverse range of inhabitants and a long and complex history. There is a lot to know about Mexico, and learning a bit about this country can make your holiday...

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Exploring the Historical Sites of Puerto Rico

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has a long and fascinating history. Because it is located right in the middle of the “New World” it has been a target of conquest for many centuries. Christopher Columbus landed on the island in 1493, on his second...

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