How to Look Great in Every Photo

by | Jul 22, 2012 | Personal Development

Nikon D40 CameraHave you ever excitedly clicked on the Facebook folder of photos from last weekend’s party, only to cringe with how awkward and unflattering each snap of you is?

You think you are reasonably good looking, but why do you look so unattractive in photographs?

Even if they are confident and attractive in real life, many people hate the way that they photograph.

However, before you decide that you are hopelessly un-photogenic and give up, there are a few things that you can do to make yourself look better in photographs.

Here are a few tips to remember next time someone points a camera at you:

  • Remember to stand up straight with proper posture! Slouching makes you look shorter and makes your stomach stick out, but standing proud and tall will make you look slimmer and more confident.
  • Lift your neck up and tilt your chin up slightly, and then look straight at the camera. This eliminates the dreaded “double chin” effect.
  • Everyone has a “good side”, which is an angle where their face looks the best. Figure it out by looking at yourself in the mirror from all angles, and then present this side of your face to the camera in photographs.
  • If you can, position yourself slightly lower than the photographer. Looking up into the camera is usually a more flattering angle.
  • Relax. If you are smiling awkwardly or look uneasy, this will translate into a bad photograph. Enjoy yourself and your natural smile will make the photograph look so much more attractive.
  • Think of something funny and make yourself giggle right before the photograph is taken, which will produce a more natural smile rather than a fake grin.

These tips will help you face the camera lens with confidence next time you are at a social gathering, and take photographs which you will be proud to tag yourself in!