How to Never Lose Your Car Keys…Or Anything Else Again!

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Personal Development

Scientists have reported that Americans spend approximately 16 minutes on average per day searching for lost items, which adds up to a full year of our lives.

That means that over the course of your lifetime you will spend one full year in frustration, searching desperately around your house for your car keys, remote control, cell phone, or other important belonging.

Is there any way that you can reduce the amount of time that you spend looking around for your stuff?

Lost Keys

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

You can reduce the likelihood of losing things if everything that you own has a proper home.

Create a pencil jar for the writing implements on your desk, put up a coat hanger for your coats, and create a filing system for important documents.

When you are finished with an item, make sure that it goes to where it belongs. The habit of putting things away in the right place will take a while to form, but after a while it will become automatic.

The Usual Suspects

Make a list of the 5 items that you lose the most frequently. Examples of common items that most people spend time searching for are key rings, cell phones, remote controls, and wallets.

Once you have identified these common missing items, make double sure to designate an extra special spot for them.

You can put a cute little container or key hook near your entrance way where you will always put your keys from now on.

Make a special spot on your bedside table where your cell phone can charge while you sleep.

Making a conscious effort to create a special space for these items will ensure that you are mindful whenever you put them down in the future.  

Clear Clutter Away

One of the most common places where we find missing items is buried under a pile of papers, receipts, and other clutter on our counters and tables.

Having cluttered surfaces creates many places for missing things to hide. If you can keep your living spaces clear and free of clutter it will be much easier to find the items that you are looking for.

With a little bit of organization and mindfulness, you will cut down on the time that you spend searching for your wayward belongings.