How to Write Tweets That Get Attention

by | Apr 23, 2012 | Social Media

TwitterYou might think that tweets are easy to write. They’re only 140 characters, how hard can it be?

However, because tweets are such small tidbits it is even more important that we pay attention to how they are written.

There are only so few words that can go into a tweet, so it’s crucial that you make sure these words are the right ones!

When your tweets are well written, Twitter can be a great tool to drive more traffic, gain followers, make contacts, and spread the word about you and what you do.

Here are some tips for writing attention-getting tweets:

Keep It Simple

You only have 140 characters, so don’t try to explain anything that is too complicated. A tweet is a small idea, more like a headline than a story itself.

It should not say too much, but tell the reader enough so that they want to click and find out the rest of the story. 

Trying to cram too much into a tweet leads 2 ppl talkin lk ths and this is annoying and confusing to read.

Tease Your Readers

Ask a question that gets people thinking, or make an outlandish remark that really makes people curious. Use phrases like, “Find out the secret to…” or “Have you ever wondered why…” to lure intrigued readers back to your blog for the answers.

A Tweet Should Be Able to Survive On Its Own

If your thought is too big to be contained in one tweet, don’t try to span it over two.

Each tweet will be separated in your follower’s timeline and will likely not be read together, and therefore the meaning will be lost.

Eliminate Unnecessary Words

Get rid of all adverbs and superfluous adjectives to make your tweets pop. You can also cut out words like “that” and “which”.

For example, “the restaurant that we went to on my birthday” can be “the restaurant we went to on my birthday”.

Humor Works

A funny quote or a joke will make your followers giggle as they are scrolling through their twitter feed, which will make them more likely to click on your tweet and follow it to your profile or even your blog so that they can find more of your clever wit.

Use Popular Hash tags

If you can find a hash tag that is relevant to what you are tweeting about, use it in your tweet to make sure that more people see what you have to say.

Good luck and happy Tweeting!