Strange and Quirky Facts about Mexico

by | Apr 28, 2012 | Travel

Mexico FactsAre you heading south of the border for your next holiday?

Mexico is a unique and fascinating country, with a diverse range of inhabitants and a long and complex history. There is a lot to know about Mexico, and learning a bit about this country can make your holiday a lot more interesting.

Here are some facts about the country, some strange, some funny, and some intriguing. Perhaps they will spark your interest and get you curious to learn more about Mexico during your travels:

  • Did you know that Mexico’s full name is actually “Estados Unidos Mexicanos?” This translates to “United Mexican States”.
  • Mexico was where many types of food were first eaten, such as chocolate, chilies and corn.
  • In 1539, Mexico was where the very first printing press in North America was used.
  • The border between the United States and Mexico is the second longest border in the world. Which is the longest you might be wondering? That would be the border between the US and Canada.
  • You probably knew that the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world, but did you know that it is named after a Mexican state?
  • Mexico City is the oldest city in North America, and it is also the one at the highest elevation. It was actually built on a lake, and it is sinking approximately 6-10 inches per year.
  • The ancient Mayans used to use hornets nests full of angry hornets to throw at their enemies during battle.
  • Mexico is the most populated Spanish speaking country in the world.
  • The sacred drink of the Aztec people was hot chocolate. They also used to add chili pepper to this drink, making it a spicy chocolate concoction. (Give it a try, its good!)
  • Mexico is the largest producer of salt in the world. Their other major export is petroleum.
  • Mexico was where the very first ever astronomer’s convention was held, in 700 AD.
  • The world’s smallest volcano is only 43 feet tall, and has a staircase inside, and it is located in Mexico. It is called Cuexcomate and it is located near the city of Puebla. Near the volcano you can find the rare species of Volcano Rabbit which thrive near volcanic activity.
  • When it comes to flora and fauna, Mexico has been designated a “mega-diverse” country because it has over 200,000 different species of plants and animals living within its many varied ecosystems.
  • More than 60 indigenous languages are spoken within the Mexican territory, mostly by small communities of indigenous people separated from the mainstream society.
  • 20 million tourists visit Mexico every year, and one million United States expats have moved here and now call it home.

These are just a few facts about the fascinating country of Mexico to get you excited about travelling to this beautiful destination.