4 Tips On Hosting A Cozy Open House

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Home Seller Tips

4 Tips On Hosting A Cozy Open HouseThe weather is starting to become a little too crisp for outdoor barbecues and camping. When Mother Nature goes into hibernation, then it’s time to move the party indoors.

Whether you’re looking to show off your new digs or have just listed your home on the market, winter is the perfect time to host an open house.

You want this to be a fun event that is as stress-free as possible. So plan ahead and don’t go too crazy. With a little furniture rearranging and a casual menu, you can plan a special evening that everyone will enjoy. Below are a few party tips to help get you organized.


Get personal and send out invitations — not just an Evite. Hand-deliver them around your neighborhood. If you’re listing your home for sale, then give a stack to your real estate agents to pass along to other brokers that might have interested clients.

Clearly print a start and finish time to the open house. You don’t want strangers outstaying their welcome.

Furniture Arrangement

Hosting a festive get-together requires some furniture rearranging. You want to have open floor space for mingling that is interspersed with seating areas. It might be wise to declutter by putting some of your larger furniture in the basement.


Try to use as little overhead lighting as possible. Turn on lamps in each room, especially around seating areas. Light unscented candles in places that are clear of accidental bumping. This will create soft, cozy glow within your home.

Food And Drink

Keep the food and drink simple. Warm apple cider and coffee along with appetizers and dessert should be sufficient. Also, place your buffet at the end of one a room, so it doesn’t block any entryways. Put the bar close to the entrance, so guests can grab a drink in case you’re occupied and can’t introduce them around.

A winter open house is the perfect way to surround yourself with all you favorite people. Or, it can be the best method for highlighting a house you’re hoping to sell. Follow the tips above to create a fun and cozy atmosphere that makes everyone feel right at home.