Traditional Sale

When it comes to the traditional home sales process, we are in a league of our own!

Serving Happy Clients for Life

With all of the real estate apps & iBuyers out there today, one might get the impression the home-selling or -buying process is easy, but all real estate transactions are susceptible to unforeseen negotiation details & legal complexities. That’s why it’s so important to have someone you can count on and trust to represent you. Whether you’re selling or buying, my team & I are here to guide you through every step of the process. From providing expert insight into the market, to recommending trusted contractors & vendors, to simply being available to take your calls. My priority is getting my clients what they want, and no price point is too big or too small, I work them all.

Over 35 Years of Experience

I’ve built homes, and I’ve remodeled many homes. I’ve worked with so many builders and seen so many subdivisions from the ground up that I can walk through a house and tell the homeowner more about their home than they know, even when they’ve built it themselves! I also live by the Golden Rule and try to emulate and apply to all my business dealings and with whoever I come in contact with. Not only does this help maintain my reputation, but it’s just the right thing to do. It’s a small world, and we’re all interconnected, and my network is vast with many overlapping friends & family, so for me, this is more than a career. I love what I do, especially when that’s connecting a client with their dream home that they will cherish for years to come. “Serving clients for life” is my motto, and in some cases I’ve helped three generations of the same family. I want to be remembered for being the hardest working broker to my clients, and I look forward to serving you as well.