Homes For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a magnificent city in the heart of the Southwest.

PhoenixPhoenix is a magnificent city in the heart of the Southwest. The tech scene is growing, with a tech district rising downtown, an innovation center and a tech-focused mayor. The city is amid a building and development boom and is home to some of the Valley’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. Among the fastest-growing industries are professional and business services, information technology and aerospace.

It’s a Western city with a modern feel. The heritage is preserved in the historic area, home to most of the city’s arts and cultural activities and home to beautifully restored homes from 1900. Part of the draw, of course, is the gorgeous no-winter weather in central Arizona!

More than $7 billion worth of real estate development has been underway in the city to accommodate the massive influx of people, including the $3 billion South Central light rail extension and $1 billion in new hotel development. Downtown Phoenix is experiencing a rebirth with investment from ASU and numerous other entities. You’ll want to spend time there!

Today, major-league sports teams, million-dollar condos, art galleries, bars, fashion shows, strip clubs, high-end restaurants, luxury retail, microbreweries, yoga studios, boutique hotels, entertainment complexes, green construction, high-speed rail, green building, high-tech companies, green companies, art collectives, fashion startups, lifestyle publications, music festivals and other urban gems attract visitors and new homeowners in record numbers.