Personal Finance

When Should You Shred Your Financial Documents?

How do you know what happens to your documents when you put a piece of paper in the trash? It can be difficult to know who is seeing it and what they are doing with it. It isn't very common to burn trash anymore; therefore you can be sure that your paper garbage...

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3 Common Myths About Real Estate Short Sales

There is a lot of misleading and incorrect information about Phoenix real estate short sales. Many people don't have a clear understanding of the purpose of short sales or how they actually work. Essentially, a short sale is when one sells their home for less than the...

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When Can You Buy Real Estate After Foreclosure?

If you lost your Phoenix home due to foreclosure, you probably haven't given up on the dream of owning a new home. The good news is that a number of guidelines have changed which may allow  you an opportunity to buy that new home sooner than you think.  ...

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6 Tips For Buying An Older Home

Older Phoenix homes sometimes offer more charm and character than the newer houses of today. They boast gabled roofs, crown moldings, hardwood floors and antique fixtures. Buying an old house is like buying a piece of local history. Its beautiful period features can...

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Reasons To Attend Your Own Home Inspection

As a home buyer in Tempe , you can get a feel for whether a home's systems and appliances are in working order. However, you can't know for certain until after the home's been inspected. This is why real estate agents recommend that buyers hire a licensed home...

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Buying A Home In A Golf Community

It's January, but home sales in golf communities remain strong like in the rest of the country. If you're looking to buy a home in a golf course community, either as a primary residence or as a vacation or retirement home, there are additional home traits which make...

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