How to Make Friends When You Move Somewhere New

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Personal Development

Couple Moving to New TownWhen you first move to a new town or a new country, it can be quite lonely.

Whether you are moving for adventure, a job, or other reasons, it’s hard to leave your social network behind and start again.

Developing friendships takes time and it will be several months before you feel fully connected with your new community.

However, there are some things that you can do to make forming friendships in your new home easier.

Here are a few important tips to remember about making friends when you move:

  • Get involved in the community. The more you join in at local events, classes and functions the more chances you will have of meeting people who share your interests and that you will want to spend time with. Take a course, join a club, or become a member of a local sports team.
  • Use the internet. Although socializing online too much can actually make you lonelier if you never leave the house, using the internet to find out about local clubs and events will help you make friends. Do a search with a website such as to find a group that shares your interests near you.
  • Chat with people. When you are going about your day, chat to people who you encounter along the way such as the checkout girl at the supermarket or the person sitting next to you on the bus. If you are warm and friendly to them, they will likely smile back and help you find your way around.
  • Once you have made one new friend, ask them to introduce you to others. Perhaps they could bring you as a guest to a party or another social event where you can meet more people. Maybe they know someone who is interested in the same things as you and can introduce you.
  • When you move into a new home, why not have a housewarming party? Go around to your neighbors and invite them to your house for an informal buffet style get together where you can introduce yourself and get to know everyone.
  • Ask lots of questions. When you move to a new place, whether it is across the world or across the country, the local slang and customs will be different. If you are eager and curious to learn more about local life, most people will be happy to explain their culture to you and share it with you.

These are just a few ways for you to connect with your new community.  Remember, it’s never to early or too late to start doing these things and surrounding yourself with relationships that help you feel like you are part of the community.

Have fun meeting new people and making friends in your new home!