Weird and Wonderful Holidays in the Month of July

by | Jun 28, 2012 | Holidays

Ice Cream ConesIndependence Day might be the most well known holiday in July, but did you know that this month also contains many other fun and quirky celebrations?

Here are some of the strangest holidays in the month of July:

July 1st: National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

This holiday celebrates all of the unique combinations of tastes that bored ice-cream makes have come up with, so why not sample some wasabi ice cream or pine nut gelato?

July 8th: Video Games Day

Bring out all of your extra controllers and challenge your friends to a multi-player battle on your favorite video game. Make sure you have plenty of snacks to munch on to keep you going.

July 10th: Pick Blueberries Day

Head to your local blueberry patch and pick these delicious little treats until your hands are stained purple.

They will be nice and ripe at this time of the year so they will taste their very best.

If you don’t eat them all right away, July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day so you can bake them into muffins to share with your friends!

July 11th: National Cheer up the Lonely Day

Do you know someone who might be feeling a little bit lonely?

Make their day special by inviting them over for a meal and making them feel like they are part of the gang.

Who knows, you might make a new friend!

July 16th: International Juggling Day

To celebrate this holiday, find some instructional videos online and try to teach yourself to juggle.

Just to be safe, stick with beanbags to start with and work your way up to the flaming torches, swords and chainsaws!

July 30th: Father-In-Law Day

You gave presents to your own Father back in June on Father’s Day, so now it is time to give a little gift to your husband or wife’s Dad.

There are so many strange and interesting holidays in July that you could spend the entire month celebrating if you wanted to!

However, don’t try to get time off work for every one of these special holidays; your boss might not be amused!