What Your Dog Can Teach You About Being Healthy

by | Jul 1, 2012 | Health and Wellness

Running DogThere is a lot that man’s best friend can teach you about leading a long and healthy life, namely in their enthusiasm for exercise and their loyalty to others.

Learn to Absolutely Love Exercise

Many humans see exercise as a chore that they must check off a list and they wearily trudge to the gym to slog away on the treadmill with a bored expression on their face.

If you see exercise as a “necessary evil” then you will always struggle to fit it into your schedule because you are not looking forward to it.

Your dog loves exercise. You have to spell out the word “walk” in case he overhears you and gets too excited. When you pick up the leash he starts wagging his tail and running back and forth.

When you clip it on and open the door he bounds outside with glee, happily sniffing the air. When you let him go leash-less in the park, he runs and runs for hours with no finish line in mind. He will fetch a stick for you until he drops on the ground from exhaustion.

He is simply lost in the joy of running as fast as he can and feeling the pleasure of being active.

If you can learn to enjoy the pleasure of being active and using your body in the way it was intended to, you will establish healthier habits for the rest of your life.

If you get as excited about a walk as your dog does, you will never complain that you can’t fit one in your busy schedule. You will make it happen for the sheer pleasure that it brings you.

Show Affection

Dogs are very social creatures and they are happiest when they feel like they are part of a group. They will show their affection and their loyalty to the other members of their pack and they will defend them against any threats.

Humans are the same way. We have a psychological need to be close to others and to feel that someone is looking out for us and will help us when we need it.

When we show affection for someone we love, positive chemicals are released in the brain which improves mood and overall wellbeing.

Our society is leading towards individuals being more isolated than ever. While this has its advantages, it is important to stay connected with your fellow human beings.

Studies have shown that people with strong family and/or friend connections live longer and happier lives than those without, so let your loved ones into your heart, trust them and stay loyal and connected to them.

Next time you watch your furry friend leaping and frolicking in the park, or curling up to you when you are sad, take a lesson from your dog about how to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.