Why You Should Think About A Wood Burning Stove

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Around The Home

Why You Should Think About A Wood Burning StoveNow that it’s cold again, you may want to consider a traditional wood-burning stove before you reach for the thermostat. You can install one in the center of a room, and the heat will radiate through the whole house.

It’s an elegant solution to the winter cold, and makes for a much cozier warmth than the furnace. Here’s why you should consider getting one.

Energy Bills

Save money. Stop paying each month to keep your house warm. You can do it yourself, with a wood-burning stove and a pile of wood.

One well-placed stove can heat a whole house, and pay for itself in a few months. It produces a better heat than a furnace anyway. Picture yourself with a cup of tea with your feet up next to the fire.

Be Ready For Anything

Do you want to be independent? By switching to this more traditional heat source, you’re also moving off the grid. That means if the power goes out, you won’t be stuck in the cold.

Plus, you can heat your house, and even cook on the stove. Even if the power doesn’t go out, it’s nice to have the peace of mind.

Go Green

Cranking up the furnace costs money, and burns fossil fuels. We all know we’re running out of fossil fuels, but we often don’t do our part. A wood-burning stove can you help you contribute to the environment and keep your carbon footprint small.

Burning wood releases carbon dioxide just like burning coal does, but the difference is that it only takes a few years to grow a tree. It takes so long for the Earth to make coal, that we consider it a non-renewable resource.

We’re not getting any more of it. Trees also release carbon dioxide when they rot, so burning it isn’t any worse.

But I Don’t Have A Chimney

No chimney? No problem. You can easily have a chimney installed. You’ll need a metal chimney to handle this heat, but if it doesn’t suit your tastes, you can have them covered with stone. Try to build the chimney straight up through the roof.

The less twists and bends, the better. There are no ways around getting a chimney, because you definitely don’t want that smoke to stay inside.

If you want to cut down on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and heat your home no matter what the weather is like, consider a wood-burning stove.

They’re an elegant solution to the winter cold, and can make the biggest, draftiest rooms feel cozy. Keep the thermostat low, and start stocking the wood pile.